latin1 (iso-8859-1) on filenames (not the file content itself)

rodrigochinaski rodrigo.chinaski at
Fri Nov 17 00:10:54 UTC 2006


I've come from a debian unstable system. I have an ext3 partition with
ISO-8859-1 characters at the filename. Filenames with accents (á é ó í
etc) and cedilla (ç). However, nautilus, gnome-terminal or even the
console can't display the filenames correctly. 

On nautilus, the Latin1 characters of the filename are displayed as a
black square with a interrogation mark on it.

On gnome-terminal and the console, the Latin1 characters are displayed
as an interrogation mark.

gtk1 apps simply omit the latin1 character.

What should I do? Is there a way to make the ubuntu system display
correcty filenames with iso-8859-1 characters on it? 

Or should I rename all my files using pure ascii characters?

Or should I rename the files using accents, so it'll updated under
UTF-8 ?

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