Dapper Drake on an eMac

Scott geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Thu Nov 16 21:09:15 UTC 2006

Ben Schneider spake thusly on 11/13/2006 05:47 PM:
> Attached is an RTF file with my complete setup (from my system profiler)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm surprised the attachment made it through....

In the future, please don't send messages to mailing lists with
attachments. In fact it's not a good idea to send  emails with
attachments to anyone, unannounced.

In this case, this information could have been pasted into the email
itself. It didn't need to be in an attachment.

Another option is to post the information on a web page and then put the
URL to the page in your message.

Depending on circumstances many readers can be greatly inconvenienced by
messages with attachments, especially on mailing lists.  I'm much less
inclined to save such attachments and then open them.  It's not worth
the bother.

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