Howto Enable Extra Mouse Buttons ?

Florian Primessnig florian at
Wed Nov 15 14:10:36 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett wrote:
> maybe this will help ( gleaned from a Google search on " logitech G5 laser
> mouse linux ubuntu" )
thx, that article really helped me out. i dunno why i couldnt find it.
*shame on me*.
the extra buttons work now ;).  i've got to read further into that issue
to config those buttons to fit my needs.
> Yes, that's what I expected when I plugged my serial port hardware modem
> into Windows XP a few years back - oddly enough, it wanted drivers ;-) And
> the Windows drivers for the modem, from the modem's install disk,  were
> rejected by XP... 
> When I plugged the modem into my Linux install, it just worked... I
> guess Windows just isn't ready for the desktop ;-)
hehe ;).
I think u got me wrong there. It's not about this "which exotic hardware
is supported" thing, cause i know linux supports a great range of
hardware - although some hardware vendors seem to ignore the linux
community. It's about how user-friendly it is to install this hardware.
i had to edit 2 files and restart the x-server. One might say thats
really easy (and in linux terms it is really easy), but i claim it is to
difficult for the overall user.

> Peter

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