Ubuntu has corrupted my file !

James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Tue Nov 14 14:10:48 UTC 2006

On 15/11/2006, at 12:04 AM, Mario Vukelic wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 22:57 +1100, James Gray wrote:
>> AFAIK only non-journalling file systems impose this mandatory fsck
>> after a certain number of reboots etc.
> Not true, ext3 does this (and it is very annoying)

Yet another reason not to use it.... ;)

>>  Why not use (at least) ext3
>> or reiserfs/jfs/xfs???
> He probably uses ext3 since this is the default in Ubuntu. And by the
> way, reiserfs is _known_ to have corrupted files

I'm curious - I've used reiserfs in production roles on enterprise- 
class servers, for literally years, with nary a lost log line.  Care  
to share a reliable source of your information?  XFS and JFS, whilst  
mature on other *nix platforms, have been a little rough around the  
edges IMHO on Linux.  They are getting a lot better, but I still  
wonder what all the rage about ext3 is - it's really not that good  
and completely useless on laptops (forced commits every 10 seconds or  
so).  The forced commit interval also plays havoc with caching  
(hardware) RAID controllers too... but that's probably well outside  
the discussion of this thread (and may be due to problems/limitations  
in the controller drivers under Linux anyway).

>> Stop using an ancient file system - backup your data (completely),
>> and reformat with filesystem that supports journalling.
> See above

Ditto ;)



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