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I've never successfully moved the WHOLE  "Documents and Settings" dir,
but have right clicked on each users (home machine only a few) "My
Documents" icon and changed the target directory to the shared FAT32
partition or elsewhere. If an existing setup you can move the files if
new or you only want to test say no to moving the files and it will just
change the pointer. There is a reg hack or policy change to do this by
default for all users as they're created but I don't know it.

That said, it's easier if you can read the whole Docs and Settings
directory and place symlinks in each users home directory at strategic
points (e.g symlink "C:\Documents and Settings\ruscook\My Documents"
to /home/ruscook/Docs)  and leave windows alone. Tends to be a bit more
reliable I've found, but doesn't cater for shared data that gets into
the Docs & Settings\Application Data directory and the mozilla and
thunderbird directories. (although symlinks can probably help here).

 Mon, 2006-11-13 at 18:34 -0500, David Woyciesjes wrote:

> Chanchao wrote:
> > 
> > Only drawback with that is that currently in Windows XP there's no easy 
> > way to also move the entire 'Documents & Settings' hierarchy to a 
> > different drive.  In here is for example your Windows Desktop screen and 
> >   any files on it.
> 	Just thinking about this. Might not be easy, but XP has the ability to 
> mount a partition as an empty folder, instead of as a drive letter. So , 
> if you have only 1 user on an XP box (besides admin), you could log in 
> as administrator, move the contents of the user's 'Docs& Set' folder out 
> of the way, mount the partition to the c:\Doucments & Settings\username 
> folder. Move the files back, and you should be all set.
> 	Of course, there's probably an easier way too. A quick registry hack, 
> or hidden setting somewhere...
> 	Oh crap. Sorry for the rambling like a madman...
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