procmail has stopped working

Francisco Borges f.borges at
Fri Nov 10 10:12:08 UTC 2006

: On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 11:14PM +0000, Matthew East wrote:

> as a local copy) and it was working really well. But today I was
> fiddling around, and suddenly it stopped working - nothing gets filtered

Oh, the joys of procmail!

> at all, and there is nothing in my procmail log since it stopped
> working. My ~/.procmailrc file is:

I coudn't see nothing wrong with your file, but it seems that it's a new
version. It's full of INCLUDERC's.


1. Sanity checks:

I would humbly suggest checking your procmailrc & mail directories for
existance, permissions and ownership. When this goes wrong, procmail
will dump your stuff at /var/spool/mail.

Check also the file you are using to start the procmail process.

Another sanity check:

# Anything assigned to LOG is appended in the LOGFILE.

LOG=" Hello World! " # sorry for the phrase...

2. This is a (brain dead) script to test procmail recipes without having
   to insert them in your main procmailrc file. It has also the major
   bonus that you can just repeat tests without sending yourself test
   emails. "It works"�

   % ./proctest ../mail.txt

   I had some hard wired path's there and just removed them, so you've
   got to run from inside the procmail_testing dir.


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