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> > To the original poster, though, and to Mark, the object is to keep
> > that power /out/ of the hands of a lowly user and only in
> > administrative hands.  In the case of a home user those hands are
> > yours. As the first user you /do/ have the administrative power you
> > want/ are used to, you just have to exercise it differently.
> >


> i beginning to understand the security linux has over windows, even
> though it gets in the way sometimes.

Take a look at the sudoers man pages [man sudoers] and you will
appreciate the extent to which security can be fine tuned. The
difficult part for anybody coming from Windows desktop to Linux is
understanding the basis of each OS. Windows is primarily a single user
system with the server/networking/security bits added on. Linux/Unix
is first and foremost a multi-user system and it is only lately that
the desktop/GUI bits are appearing. Understanding these differences
is, IMHO, essential to moving successfully to Linux.

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