Evolution Filtering

Wade Smart wade at wadesmart.com
Thu Nov 9 18:31:14 UTC 2006

11092006 1230 GMT-6

I have just set up a new system. I am on Ubuntu 6.06LTS. I did a fresh
install to 6.06 from a previous version and Im having to redo my filters
on email. 

On forums like this one I filter on the Specific Header > From:  field
and if its From: containing Wade Smart or wade at wadesmart.com I color it
blue. That way I can see my own posts in a thread. But Im having

On my previous system I had moved from Thunderbird to Evolution because
I had moved beyond the limit of the number of emails Thunderbird could
handle. On Evolution I went about another 8 months and then it crashed. 

I moved to a maildir setup and using IMAP with Evolution to access my
emails. Now filtering is difficult. I can filter email so I can put it
in folders for organization but further filtering hasnt worked. 

Suggestions on what I can do?


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