new to ubuntu; have a few questions

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Thu Nov 9 18:00:14 UTC 2006

On 11/9/06, Steve Flynn <anothermindbomb at> wrote:
> On 09/11/06, Dwain Alford <dwain.alford at> wrote:
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> > On 11/9/06, Eamonn Sullivan < eamonn.sullivan at> wrote:
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> > > You can make yourself root in any terminal window by typing:
> > >
> > > sudo -i
> > >
> > > And then entering your own password. Be careful with this, however.
> > > It's easy to make a (irreversible) mistake.
> > >
> > >
> > as a "former" windows user i enjoyed admin privileges to do what i
> > needed to do with the computer.  this is what i want to do.  this command
> > will do it for me?  before i do this, would you please explain what the
> > irreversible mistake is?
> >
> the sudo command will start you a new shell with root permissions, where
> you have the ability to delete your entire filesystem, modify critical
> system files, etc. Your normal access level will prevent you from doing such
> things. Think of it as your normal id being a restricted user and the root
> user is your administrator account.

i have been reading in the community docs about volume permissions.  is
there a way to set just my account (the only account for now) with
administrative permissions n the second hdd so i can use the graphic
interface rather than the terminal (i guess i'm lazy)?

i have some directories i want to copy (d&d) to that drive and under the
current configuration i can't.  don't have the permission (sigh).

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