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Roland Turcan konf at
Thu Nov 9 07:52:10 UTC 2006

<<< 07.11.2006 15:13 - Roland Turcan "konf at" >>>
RT> Hello Ubuntu Help and User Discussions!

RT> Ubuntu is the only distribution which moves my screen with the same
RT> settings as in SuSE, FC, ... to the right side. It is just about one
RT> centimeter, but I need to press "Auto" button on my display, what
RT> makes me angree.

RT> How can I have the same timing on Ubuntu as Windows, SuSE, FC,
RT> Mandriva,... have.

RT> -- 
RT> Best regards, TRoland

I have found the reason. The driver deployed by Ubuntu for NVidia
graphics card has different horizontal timing as driver explicitly
installed from NVIDIA website. Using by driver from NVDIA solves my

Best regards, TRoland

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