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> > Thanks for the tip. Now, the bottom panel re-sizes nicely. I also
> > deleted the top panel and created a new one but now the icons cannot
> > stick in position but all line up to the left on the panel.  How can
> > I fix this? 
> > 
> > Jmak
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> If I understand the goal, you can move those plug-in icons around
> after you install the plug-in on the panel. Place your cursor
> over the icon and right-click on it. Select "Move." You'll see a copy
> of the icon become your cursor, and a black line will appear on the
> panel. Just slide the line back and forth until it reaches the
> position you prefer for that plug-in. (I use both clocks and like
> them centered next to each other along the panel, for example.) When
> the black line reaches the right position, left click, and the icon
> should fall into its new place. It should stay there until you move
> it again.
> It stayed before but not anymore. Now, whatever I do they jump back
> to the left.

Stumps me, I'm afraid. I've never seen that behavior before. The only
workaround I can think of until and unless someone else has a more tidy
solution: Make a list of the plug-ins you want in the order
you'd like to see them, left to right. Then start with a clean new panel
and install them one by one, with the plug-in you want in the left-most
position installed first, assuming each new plug-in jumps to the left
end of the panel. And so on. It's a bit tedious, but I can't duplicate
your positioning problem, so it's about the best I can offer at the



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