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> Thanks for the tip. Now, the bottom panel re-sizes nicely. I also
> deleted the top panel and created a new one but now the icons cannot
> stick in position but all line up to the left on the panel.  How can
> I fix this? 
> Jmak

If I understand the goal, you can move those plug-in icons around
after you install the plug-in on the panel. Place your cursor
over the icon and right-click on it. Select "Move." You'll see a copy
of the icon become your cursor, and a black line will appear on the
panel. Just slide the line back and forth until it reaches the position
you prefer for that plug-in. (I use both clocks and like them centered
next to each other along the panel, for example.) When the black line
reaches the right position, left click, and the icon should fall into
its new place. It should stay there until you move it again.

It stayed before but not anymore. Now, whatever I do they jump back to the left.

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