Linksys WRT54G router

Sean Sieger sean.sieger at
Tue Nov 7 12:58:22 UTC 2006

Charles Malespin <ubuntu.physicist at> writes:

   Nevermind, I figured out how to upgrade the firmware.  Still trying to
   get things to work out though, Im going to try more tomm.  Thanks for
   all the help!

I have had quite a few successes setting the w54rtgs up,
here's how:

Get the pdf off the install cd and find out how to reset
the router with the little button on the back of the device.

Call the number for tech support on the card of the install
cd (I think that's where it is, but you know).

You're savvy, Charles--be your savvy self and do not talk to
the tech about operating systems, tell the tech instead that
you had trouble with the install cd and that you would like
her to walk you through the set-up.

Open a browser, listen to the tech carefully, do what she
says and you will be hanging up in five minutes with a
working wireless network.

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