OpenOffice unstable...

Jon Drews jon.drews at
Tue Nov 7 08:07:33 UTC 2006

On 11/6/06, Derek <derekmailbox at> wrote:
>  I'm working with two
> instances (documents) and when I try to switch between them I only get blank
> window, I mean, only the title of it it's there,

 Hi Derek:

  Did you first save the documents as *.odt or are you working with
*.doc directly? I think the documents have to be in *.odt to allow
full functionality of the word processor.

> One of the things I was looking for when I switched to Ubuntu was more
> reliabity and stability, but for the moment microsoft's word  win...
> Any one who had similar experience?

  No. I send home a lot of *.doc and *.xls from work and have not had
any major problems so far. Sometimes images are moved but this is
easily fixed.

Kind regards,

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