amd64 question

Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Tue Nov 7 06:12:51 UTC 2006

Ron Smits wrote:
> People
> I took the big leap and bought me a beast of a machine :) an X2 dual
> core amd processor is at the heart of it. Currently I am running the
> normal (generic) edgy install that I already had on my old machine. I
> installed the amd64 in a seperate partition and was quite disappointed
> with the level of support. Mainly the fact that cedega and secondlife
> (an online metaverse) did not start up was for me the main reason not to
> switch to the fully 64bit edgy.
> So I was thinking is it possible with ubuntu to only install an amd64
> kernel and keep the rest of the edgy install I already have?
> Ron
Here's step by step instructions on how to run any 32bit app in an amd64 
You might be able to use your existing install as the debbootstrap, but 
you'll have to look for another page on how to do that part.
I've been perfectly satisfied with 64bit once I found this method and 
have all the backwards compatibility I need

Note, it's from our gaming friends at Cedega and yes cedega runs this way,

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