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Sun Nov 5 18:34:48 UTC 2006

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Same problem as you have, but has a solution to run 32bit apps under a
64bit Ubuntu

Richard schrieb:
> I too, have amd64 athlon laptop 4000+, and use, the 64bit linux stinks...
> not even close in speed to 32bit, plus, the support for plugins and drivers,
> is very bad.
> however, maybe in the near future 2007, we will see more devel in the 64bit 
> distro, that are pure 64bit threw and threw, with real 64bit apps, and 
> drives..  but... it would be most likely in 2008
> The coming of quad processors, and dual 64bit cpu's is going to push it,
> however, linux is opensource... hence, ubuntu team may jump on it, since they 
> are going after the server market... and know that Oracle is coming out with 
> there indestructible linux version of Redhat linux... and not using Ubuntu as 
> pod cast.
> Rich
> On Sunday 05 November 2006 10:34 am, Ron Smits wrote:
>> People
>> I took the big leap and bought me a beast of a machine :) an X2 dual
>> core amd processor is at the heart of it. Currently I am running the
>> normal (generic) edgy install that I already had on my old machine. I
>> installed the amd64 in a seperate partition and was quite disappointed
>> with the level of support. Mainly the fact that cedega and secondlife
>> (an online metaverse) did not start up was for me the main reason not to
>> switch to the fully 64bit edgy.
>> So I was thinking is it possible with ubuntu to only install an amd64
>> kernel and keep the rest of the edgy install I already have?
>> Ron

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