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Roger Neth Jr baypos at
Sun Nov 5 00:21:48 UTC 2006

On 11/4/06, Nikolai <psalmos at> wrote:
> Roger Neth Jr wrote:
> > I think I need to configure apt-get/synaptic to point to the
> > repositories. I
> > will look at the support docs.
> Roger, why don't you just download the RealPlayer from Real and install
> it? I did exactly that (on Dapper though) and works fine although it
> doesn't get used much. On this page you'll find instructions on how to
> install the player as well as a link to the file itself:
> Nikolai
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> the truth shall make you free
> Hello Nikolai, thanks for the reply and I have downloaded
> RealPlayerGOLD10.bin.

Installed sudo RealPlayerGOLD.bin for global installation. I logged off and
back on, restarted firefox and still no web player for fm files. I am able
to copy the url location and open realplay and play the file.

On dapper, I believe replay was in synaptic and worked as a firefox plugin.

Not a big issue, I just like to find out how to make replay work as a
firefox plugin.

Currently working on a client W2K hosed on a bad hdd, using SpinRite try to
correct the problem.

Have a good weekend!

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