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Roger Neth Jr baypos at
Fri Nov 3 18:56:25 UTC 2006

On 11/3/06, Michael B. Levy <mblevy2000 at> wrote:
> Do you have the mplayer plugin installed also, which
> could possibly conflict with the RealPlayer plugin?
> I think the best idea would be for you just to install
> it globally with sudo and let it do everything for
> you.  You're working too hard. :)
> Mike
> Hello Mike, hope all is well with you.

Thanks again for your assistance and also for the training with Linux

Mplayer isn't installed. I removed RealPlayer by rm -rf RealPlayer and
reinstalled with sudo ./RealPlayerGOLD.bin that installed realplay globally.

I logged off and logged in but still will not play rm files from websites. I
am able to copy the web rm location and put it into realplay.

I followed the ubuntu wiki instructions on setting up the repositories but
when I try apt-get

rogern at edgy:~$ sudo apt-get realplay
E: Invalid operation realplay

It is still pointing to the CD drive. Are you able to direct me to the setup
for the respositories for apt-get?

Thanks again and this is the first time that I have been enjoying the full
usage of Linux without a lot of configurations and failures with installing

Still Windows thinker and user mode. = )

Thanks again and have a good weekend!

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