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Fri Nov 3 04:45:30 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-23-10 at 14:58 -0700, Roger Neth Jr wrote:

> I am an enthusiastic Ubuntu user and word of mouth to my friends and
> clients and also a follower of Jesus Christ that witnesses to everyone
> including family, friends and clients.

I'm sorry.  You posted your message on "ubuntu-users" not
"ubuntu-yap-about-religion-no-matter-who-cares-or-not".  You may wish to
try reading the part that says "Ubuntu user technical support, not for
general discussions" when posting to "ubuntu-users" in the future.

> When I saw my Lord and Savior Jesus' name being profaned it breaks my
> heart not because I am offended but because those who profane His name
> are either ignorant or willfully disobedient and don't care.

One man's religion is another man's belly laugh.  Profaning the name of
a fictitious being has zero impact on my conscience.  I don't mind
people profaning Christ any more than I mind them profaning Legolas.

> How come we don't hear people saying Oh Buddha for profanity?

Quite possibly because most people who communicate predominantly in
English aren't brought up surrounded by pointless Buddhist crap?
Instead they're surrounded by pointless Christian crap?

> It is because of the wickedness of men's hearts.

So it would not be wicked, in your worldview, to say "Oh Buddha" for
profanity?  Typical.

> No need to thank me 

No risk of that here, trust me.  Polluting technical mailing lists with
fairy stories is not a way to garner thanks.  It's a way to garner
derision and entry into multiple killfiles.

> God Bless you all.

And rational thought bless you in return.

I know which of the two has made more of a positive impact in my

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