AutoCad reader?

Fri Nov 3 04:16:22 UTC 2006

Stan, SteVe Cook & Charles Yao;
I am aware that Lx-Viewer is one such software which can read
ACAD files. There is a hitch that they do not ship the libs with it
and they have to be taken from
While there are older compiled versions of it which includes the libsalso.
I am new to linux and could not install the viewer. I checked in my
office where Lx-viewer for windows work fine. Its just one must know
how to install it on LINUX.
If any one can install LX-viewer on Linux please do inform me about how to go about 
installing it.
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SteVe Cook wrote:
> stan wrote:
>> Is there an Open Siurce program that can (at least) view AutCad files?
I dont think there is an application that can open dwg files without a 
hitch in linux. When i used qcad, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

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