edgy fstab and computer place

Allan Spagnol Comar allan.comar at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 13:58:43 UTC 2006

Good morning,
I am having a strange problem, before I updated to edgy from dapper
last week I had on  computer place two NTFS partitions from my windows
system and I could mount then whenever I want by double clicking then.
Today I had to mount and I went to computer place, and they wheren't
there, so I thought, fstab is missing, will change, my surprise was
when I open fstab I got :
/dev/sda1       /media/winc     ntfs user,defaults,umask=0000,noauto  0       2
/dev/sda2       /media/wind     ntfs user,defaults,umask=0000,noauto  0       2

and linux partitions using UUID that I do not know. So my question is
how can I get the same behavior that I had in dapper ? I had try
vol_id /dev/sda1 and vol_id -u /dev/sda1 and the don't return nothing.

Thanks in advance for the help, and sorry for louse english.

An application asked:
"Requires Windows 9x, NT4 or better",
so I´ve installed Linux

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