Sync e-mail with windows and linux

Robbert Hamburg rhamburg at
Thu Nov 2 07:22:18 UTC 2006

> On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 08:03 +0100, Robbert Hamburg wrote:
> > My advise would be: try using imap.
> > 
> > Easiest way to have all your email everywhere.
> > 
> > Robbert
> Yer what i mainly want to sync is my isp email and they dont offer imap.
> I was thinking of setting up a mail server on my backup box, any
> tuorials or helpfull websites anyone could recomend on that? 

Well you could do postfix+dovecot or something. Runs well on ubuntu. 
I myself at home use keriomail server which support imap by default.


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