Amarok and other sound problems

Scott geekboy at
Wed Nov 1 05:58:22 UTC 2006

Daniel T. Chen spake thusly on 10/31/2006 02:24 PM:
> Rosalind Mitchell wrote:
>>> No sooner have I got my Firefox/RealPlayer combination playing properly 
>>> through my headset than other problems arise.
> This is due to most audio usability progress, at least in Ubuntu, being
> targeted toward GNOME.
>>> The latest is that when Amarok starts up it reports 
>>> 	xine was unable to initialise any drivers
> Was RealPlayer running (meaning open) when you started Amarok? If so,
> you'll need to wrap RealPlayer using the aoss script in the alsa-oss
> package (in universe):  aoss realplay   [presuming you use the realplay
> package from the dapper-commercial repository]
>>> Under Gnome I could set the headset as default soundcard - I can't seem to 
>>> find a way of doing this in KDE.
> KMix doesn't yet provide this functionality. Note that the GNOME utility
> actually invokes the asoundconf(1) python script backend. Use asoundconf
> set-default-card to configure that.

This sounds very similar to a problem I had a few months ago. I finally
got it working (it took several days of occasional fiddling).

I decided to use my USB headset one evening and the next day when I
unplugged it and went back to the speakers GNOME and KDE insisted I was
still using the headset (even after rebooting).

Had I known what you described above, I'd have probably gotten things
working right away.

Which reminds me again of my proposed ad new ad campaign for Ubuntu (I'm
gonna present it to Mark when I get ti fine tuned).

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