Greetings! How many of you are using kde?

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Fri Mar 31 15:39:02 UTC 2006

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Subject: RE: Greetings! How many of you are using kde?
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>Hi there, just signed up to this list and it's good to see it's very
>So hello to one and all.
>Just wondered if I'm in the right place to talk about KDE apps etc,
>running ubuntu but have defected and am now using KDE instead of
>which I'm quite happy about.
>Please don't take this as an invite to a Gnome vs KDE spamfest, it's
>only a
>polite greeting to you all!

I have Ubuntu (Dapper F5) running on three computers. Two of them
have the kubuntu-desktop installed, while the third has only GNOME.
While I tend to gravitate more to KDE usage I still enjoy using the
GNOME desktop and so will always keep the third one "KDE free". 

It probably makes more sense to use the kubuntu forums to discuss kde


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