Repeatable kernel panic

Darryl Clarke smartssa at
Fri Mar 31 03:23:55 UTC 2006

On 30/03/06, stan <stanb at> wrote:
> I've installed ubuntu 5.10 (64 bit X86 version) on a Sun Ultra 40.
> In this machine I have a Symbios LVD SCSI card. I have an HP DLT80
> tape drive connected to this card.
> Doing "dd if=/dev/nst1 bs=32k skip=1" Will reliably panic the machine
> I have the AMD SMP kernel installed, but this does not seem to be
> kernel specific, as I built a 2.6.16 kernel with the sources from
>, and I can still reproduce this panic.
> What should I do to properly report this?

Since you've tested on a kernel outside of ubuntu's realm, I'd suggest
reporting it directly to the kernel guys.

If I had to guess, I'd throw it in the category IO/Storage -> SCSI

~ Darryl  ~ smartssa at

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