ufraw-gimp plugin error at EXIF data

Amar Padhi amar.padhi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 11:38:27 UTC 2006

Personally, thank you for the update Juanma.

On 3/30/06, Juanma Font <juanmafont at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
>    I'm using dapper version, I'm a photographer and using ufraw-gimp
> plugin currently version 0.5cvs version at dapper repositories. This
> versión has a big problem. Whentry to open a jpeg photo that has EXIF data
> lock's the gimp.  I ask to the developer of ufraw and said me that the new
> version (the 0.7) has correct this problem.
>    I download tne new version ufraw-gimp versión 0.7 compiled (the only
> requisite is update libexif to versión 0.6.13) and now all goes OK.
>    How can ask that the new versión of ubuntu (dapper) will correct this
> ?  I'm a newbie at ubuntu developer's world.
>    Thank you a lot of.
>   PDT. It's very important to the photograps that the new versión of
> ufraw-gimp plugin (0.7) will be include at dapper. Today the EXIF data
> into the photos is vital and we can not works without this information and
> Gimp is the only alternative to propietary software
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