ufraw-gimp plugin error at EXIF data

Juanma Font juanmafont at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 11:00:49 UTC 2006


   I'm using dapper version, I'm a photographer and using ufraw-gimp plugin
currently version 0.5cvs version at dapper repositories. This versión has a
big problem. Whentry to open a jpeg photo that has EXIF data  lock's the
gimp.  I ask to the developer of ufraw and said me that the new version (the
0.7) has correct this problem.

   I download tne new version ufraw-gimp versión 0.7 compiled (the only
requisite is update libexif to versión 0.6.13) and now all goes OK.

   How can ask that the new versión of ubuntu (dapper) will correct this ?
I'm a newbie at ubuntu developer's world.

   Thank you a lot of.

  PDT. It's very important to the photograps that the new versión of
ufraw-gimp plugin (0.7) will be include at dapper. Today the EXIF data into
the photos is vital and we can not works without this information and Gimp
is the only alternative to propietary software
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