Thick client and unionfs on / ?

'Forum Post ulist at
Thu Mar 30 07:47:59 UTC 2006


I just had this idea today (as I am having the same aproblem): rather
than changing initscripts, it should be possible to do union of say
/opt/nfsroot-common (read-only, with full installation) and
/opt/nfsroot-hostname-specific (rw, initially empty, for each host)
into /opt/nfsroot-hostname-union. This way, the union would live on the
NFS server, without having to change initscripts at all.

I will get back if I try it out; please post if you do first!

BTW. I constantly have udev's initscript 'Loading hardware drivers'
killing the network connection... (it is a hard-copy of hdd-installed
dapper over to NFS, with newly created initrd). Besides having wrong
NIC in /etc/iftab (which causes the network to drop as well), which I
foud out, I am at loss as to what to do with this problem. How did you
install Ubuntu into the the nfsroot? Is it current dapper?  

Best regards, 



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