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Chris Dawson xrdawson at
Wed Mar 29 17:34:51 UTC 2006

Wow, this looks great.  I want to do something similar, and wrote it
up over as a project for Portland, OR, USA.  I called it Bawdry:

What format are you intending to use?  If you used Ogg Vorbis then you
could use a java player within a browser, and then skin Firefox to do
whatever you wanted.  There is a java player with ogg vorbis
(JOrbisPlayer support which works well,
and can retrieve the song information from the live stream as it
plays.  So, you could just build a little bit of javascript/html/java
code and easily change the skins, even allowing that to be customized
at the coffee shop.

I'd love to collaborate if you need helpers.  I've got lots of
programming skills and experience with streaming audio and multimedia.


On 3/29/06, Sean Hammond <sean.hammond at> wrote:
> Looking around...
> Totem can display decent fullscreen visualisation with Goom... but it
> doesn't display song information in this mode. And I'm not sure if
> Totem will deal well with huge playlists (we basically want to load
> The Forest's entire music library at once and play it on random all
> day, so huge playlists have to be handled very reliably).
> Rhythmbox, Muine and Banshee are all very nice and seem to offer
> pretty good ways of handling huge music libraries and playlists, but
> none of them seem to have any fullscreen visualisation or song
> information mode... Muine does display the album cover as a song
> plays, so that's something. But we don't really want to be projecting
> the music player GUI on to the wall all day (even if it is a really
> nice GUI).
> XMMS and BMP don't seem to offer anything either - although there may
> be a visualisation plugin for one of these that I'm not aware of that
> may have the features needed. It would need to work very reliably
> though. i.e. not crash at all when running all day.
> Quod Libet doesn't seem to have anything suitable out of the box either.
> I haven't tried Amarok...
> On 3/29/06, Sean Hammond <sean.hammond at> wrote:
> > Okay, so there is a cafe here in Edinburgh, The Forest
> > ( The forest includes a space for
> > independent musicians to record, perform and sell their music, and the
> > cafe plays only non-copyright music from these musicians and
> > downloaded from creative commons sources.
> >
> > The cafe plays music from a computer that is connected to a projector,
> > they would like to be able to display information through the
> > projector about each song as it plays - artist, album, how much you
> > can buy it for at the forest or where you can download it from, plus a
> > tagline saying 'the forest only uses creative commons music' or
> > something. I guess all that could be stored in the meta-data of the
> > music files.
> >
> > So does anyone know of a FLOSS music player that can run fullscreen,
> > perhaps but not necessarily displaying some visualisation, and
> > displaying this information about each track as it plays, either when
> > the song starts or throughout the track?
> >
> > The Forest also has a mac, so any free (of cost) mac software would
> > also be worth knowing about, but proper FLOSS is preferable.
> >
> > Recommendations?
> >
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