Dapper Flight 5 Install - Networking issues

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Wed Mar 29 03:05:59 UTC 2006

On a related note, I'm experiencing the following in Dapper Live Flight

* the "netcfg/disable_dhcp=true" option doesn't work in combination
  with  'persistent'

* Even after setting the network to a fixed IP in a persistent Live CD
  setup, this setting is not remembered. On a persistent boot it is
  still set back to 'DCHP' (with or without that disable DHCP option)

* Setting the IP address and clicking OK doesn't work.  The workaround
is to first 'disable' the network connection, then set it to static IP
and fill in the details, then Enable the connection again BUT WAIT A
WHILE BEFORE CLICKING OK to close the window, have to wait until the
panel icon finished showing green blobs and shows the 2-monitor-icon
again, THEN click OK. 

Is this a bug and should I report it? 


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