Java compatibility? (was Re: Not a bash, just the facts)

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On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:45:47 -0600, Glenn Holmer wrote:

> On Monday 27 March 2006 14:06, Alan McKinnon wrote:
>> Not everyone is willing to upgrade right now to a 1.5 vm, it's still
>> newish and may have bugs. 1.4.2 is rather stable by now
> Huh? 1.5 was released on 09/29/2004.

As I recall they are on version 6 of this release, mostly bug fixes.  It
isn't nearly as mature as 1.4.  

That said, I use 1.5 all the time.  

It only makes sense to worry about this stuff in production code if the
bugs in the compiler are going to be issues some significant fraction of
the time when compared to your own code's bugs.  For most production
environments this simply isn't the case.  Most shops just don't maintain
their own production code well enough to even consider bugs from Sun.  

It is funny though.  People don't necessarily make decisions like this. 
They are very likely to have poorly written, poorly tested production code
and still worry about the stability of the environment to the point of
I don't know why people are like that, but they are. 

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