'Forum Post ulist at
Tue Mar 28 18:12:35 UTC 2006

Dennis Kaarsemaker Wrote: 
> Please keep the code of conduct in mind on Ubuntu mailinglists. Me,

> Reinhard, Oliver and countless others only raise the issues with

> automatix. Instead of responding to them (you still haven't...) you
> just

> start swearing. I'm not paid for any of the work I do for Ubuntu

> (including helping users restoring automatix-inflicted damage) and I
> am

> not here to troll.


> The only truckloads of crap in this thread are your horrible attitude

> and the even more horrible automatix.

Reinhard and Oliver asked genuine questions and I have responded to
them in a suitable fashion. You on the other hand are not only blind
and semi-literate (because you obviously cannot read what i write) but
you are also an inconsequential piece of crap who comes up with
repetitive and inane statements which do not hold any value whatsoever.
You need to be promptly weeded out of a place where educated individuals
have a socially acceptable verbal discourse.


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