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Sridhar M.A. mas at mylug.org
Tue Mar 28 13:11:18 UTC 2006

On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 04:14:45PM +0530, Santanu Chatterjee wrote:
   > On 3/28/06, Sridhar M.A. <mas at mylug.org> wrote:
   > >
   > > I am now facing another problem. At the gdm screen, if I login, I get a
   > > window with the following message:
   > >
   > >     I could not start your session and so I have started the failsafe
   > >     xterm session ...
   > >
   > I got into a similar situation on two occassions:
   > First, when for some reason, the loopback interface was not started.
   > I later found that the loopback interface got started not in the form of
   >, but in some ipv6 form (sit something) which don't recall.
Will check it once I boot into ubuntu. Now, I am on debian on the same
   > Second, when gnome failed to write to some configuration file
   > (IIRC, Xauthority was not writable). I had to manually change the
   > permissions on that file.
Strangely, there is .Xauthority in my ~. Could it be the reason?
   > Not sure if the above info could be of any help in your case.
Thanks for your help.

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