OT PCI (P)ATA card that works with ubuntu

Dave S ubuntu at pusspaws.net
Tue Mar 28 12:55:32 UTC 2006

Hi all,

My setup is ...

hda raid 1 hdd
hdc raid 1 hdd
hdd not used

The raid works great until I need to read / write to a CD/DVD, the system 
bombs and becomes seriously slow. Googling made me realise why :)

So I decided I needed a PCI PATA card to connect my DVDRW to. On a spur I 
bought a VT6421 VIA RAID SATA PATA card, after much googling discovered that 
I would have to patch the kernel & even then there were issues with this 

Can anyone suggest a PCI PATA card I can connect my DVDRW to that plays nice 
with ubuntu ? (ie without modding the kernal)


Has anyone had blinding success in getting VT6421 working so i don't have to 
open my wallet again :)

Any advice greatly appreciated


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