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Mon Mar 27 09:06:54 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera Wrote: 
> 'Forum Post wrote:

> > There are no concerns because all of the outstanding ones have
> already

> > been addressed.


> I have brought up a few already:


> * echo -e "Y\n"  seems like you and the packager disagree on which 

> actions are safe.

> * What happens if the script dies mid-way? Am I stuck with a different

> sources.list?

> * What happens if my grandma uses Automatix and just presses "yes" at 

> every question? Will she be stuck with a different sources.list?


> Unless I missed an email, you haven't addressed those. Saying that 

> "there are no concerns" doesn't make it so.



> > Automatix is not meant for everyone.


> Who is it meant for? I thought it was meant for a new user trying
> Ubuntu.


> Best,

> Daniel.

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I have just one question:

I have never seen my grandma cuz I was not fortunate enough.. but what
if she were alive and were installing ubuntu and the ubuntu installer
crashed while repartitioning her hard drive? what would she be left
with? any inputs Daniel? or will she still try and sound the linux
expert u really could never manage to become?


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