Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Mon Mar 27 08:54:25 UTC 2006

Bryann Melvin wrote:
> It would seem that someone has made a tool that others are failing to
> appreciate.

Who? The messages I see are "it's great that you've done this work, 
could you please address some implementation concerns?".

> Instead of dumping
> on the person that built it how about offering to help make it better.

Who is dumping on the author? And why is it wrong to ask about the 
security and reliability of the program? I haven't said it sucks. But I 
am concerned about it changing sources.list and doing echo "Y". So I ask 
what happens if the script gets interrupted mid-way.

Do you feel that asking what happens if the script gets interrupted 
constitutes dumping on the person who built it? I thought it was a valid 

> There NEEDS to be better tools and more tools that are GUI based.

No one has disputed that. I just want to know if this particular one is 
safe. Once we have established where there are implementation issues, if 
any, we move on to looking for solutions.

You say we should contribute. How can I contribute a solution if the 
author won't talk about the problems? Before offering a solution we must 
agree on what problem we want to solve. So, again, I have two questions 
and one concern:

Question 1: What happens to sources.list if the script is interrupted?
Question 2: What happens to sources.list if I click "Yes" everywhere?

Concern: If the packager feels that an action is risky enough that it 
should not be automated but require user input, it is really safe to use 
echo -e "\nY\n"? Might there be a way to make the program work without this?


Most of your email is an explanation of why GUIs (and simple GUIs) are 
important. But no one has disputed that. No one has suggested that a GUI 
is a bad idea, and the concerns over Automatix are not "it's too easy" 
or "it's too GUI". Notice, for example, that EasyUbuntu is just as easy 
and just as GUI, so clearly *that* is not the issue. For me, the issue 
is about reliability and security. So I ask questions about those.

> AND BTW to the list in general: get off the "Grandma" thing. I've been
> one...three times.
> I've also got a few degrees and can fly jets too. Probably learn to do a
> few more tings before I get dementia  :-)

Sorry. I'll use my dad as an example next time. It's actually just a 
figure of speech, my mom is an engineer.

    /\/_/   A life? Sounds great!
    \/_/    Do you know where I could download one?

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