Fridge: MEPIS Founder Plans Transition To Ubuntu

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Sun Mar 26 12:23:56 UTC 2006

On 25/03/06, Mark Warner <markwarner1954 at> wrote:
> Chanchao wrote:
> >
> > Well. 'Whatever'.. I honestly can't see what the point would be for
> > Mepis to exist, with Ubuntu around. (But then I don't understand that
> > for most distros except for perhaps a handful of them that cover
> > specific niches like Puppylinux or that thing that's dedicated to
> > being a MythTV box, and so on.
> >
> > People need hobbies I guess, so they take (K)Ubuntu, change the theme
> > and desktop graphic and add some of their tools and call it Mepis
> > instead of Mubuntu or some such. <Shrugs all around>
> MEPIS is a fine distribution, equal if not superior to Ubuntu (imo), and
> it has been around longer than Ubuntu. Unfortunately, Warren Woodford
> doesn't have the resources of a Mark Shuttleworth. If they can combine
> their talents and resources toward making each distro a strong and
> vibrant alternative in the "marketplace", then that's a good thing.

And, given that MEPIS commands the number 5 spot Distrowatch's
(probably highly inaccurate) popularity ranking, it can't be a bad
thing if, all of a sudden, there are now a whole slew (an extra 25%)
of new developer and user eyeballs that are focussing on bug fixes and
UI refinements which can feed back into Ubuntu directly, rather than
indirectly through Debian

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