Two issues: Scroll wheel, Firefox

Ben Novack ben at
Sun Mar 26 00:59:55 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I'm running an up-to-date Dapper.

First, Is there a way I can get the scroll wheel on my mouse to move ahead
more lines with each tick?

Secondly, and probably more importantly - Firefox's CPU usage spikes up to
100% every time I load a page, making everything jerk to a halt for a
split-second. It spikes the same way whenever I load a new item Google
Reader. (For those unfamiliar, it's an AJAX-based RSS aggregator, so it's
not just a matter of when full pages load.) Is anyone else running into
this? Epiphany's plenty fast on the same Dapper system, and FF1.5 on my much
slower Mac laptop doesn't run into the same kind of slowdown.


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