Best way to mount Windows drives

Chanchao custom at
Sat Mar 25 19:25:20 UTC 2006

In Dapper it seems by default any non-Linux drives don't get mounted
automatically.  I can get to it by starting 'Disks' from the
Administration menu, then it appears in the /tmp folder, and I can do a
'browse' as well. However that browser then runs as root, which makes it
a lot harder to drag and drop files. (Like you cant drag something to
the desktop then)

I would like to have all drives mounted automatically at startup. I
edited the /etc/fstab files and added my drives.  I included the 'user'
option so that I can access the drives from my regular user account in
gnome.  This works for my FAT32 drives, but not for my main NTFS drive.
(I know NTFS is read-only, but the normal user also can't read it even
though the 'user' parameter is specified. Do I have to specify
additional parameters, specific permissions perhaps?

What's the best wat to go about this?  I'd prefer total & easy access to
all drives. 


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