I do not get sound at all after installing Linux on a i Mac.

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 19:42:53 UTC 2006

Yukio Kasakah wrote:
>   What can I do. Iam a new user to Linux !
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Here are the steps you need to do to give us some vital information:

(to do the following, open a terminal and give the mentioned commands)

1. What is the output of "lspci -v" command?
2. What is the model of your sound card? Is it external or onboard?
3. What is the output of these commands ("$>" means the command prompt
$> ls -l /dev/dsp*
$> ls -l /dev/audio*
$> groups
$> dpkg -l *alsa* | grep ^ii

The last command, "groups", will show the groups to which you belong as
a user. You must belong to the "audio" group to use sound on your
computer. Give the outputs of the above commands and then let us see
what is to be done further.


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