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Fri Mar 24 08:59:23 UTC 2006


Craig Hagerman wrote:
> Stupid question. How do I get a telnet server set up correctly on
> Ubuntu. I did apt-get install telnetd but when I try to log in from
> another computer it just says connection refused.
> Along the same vein....
> How can I tell which ports are open and which are closed?

Try 'netstat -l -t' in a terminal window. It will tell you what's
listening for tcp connections on al interfaces. Ignore those that are
listening on localhost, as they cannot be seen from off your computer.

> How can I tell what daemons are running and which are not? (ie telnet)
> Assuming that I do want to run a telnet server, how can I make it as
> safe as possible.

If you can, I would implement a firewall and only allow telnet
connections from machines you trust and that are on your own network. If
you do need to allow telnet from anywhere, then as you know, this is a
major security risk!

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