Point to Point Wireless??

Arjun Shankar arjunsha at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 17:34:26 UTC 2006

James said:
>iface wlan0 inet static
>   wireless-mode      ad-hoc
>   wireless-essid     My-adhoc-network
>   wireless-key       s:eatme
>   address  
>   netmask  
>   broadcast
>Then simply "sudo ifup wlan0" from a command prompt.  Make sure everyone else
>on the adhoc network is using the same IP range, ESSID and key.  BTW, the
>"wlan0" might be different on your machine.  My lappy has an Intel Pro
>wireless which is eth0, and my other lappy had an Atheros-based wifi card
>which was ath0.  So watch that one.

That worked just perfectly when my roomie used a Breezy LiveCD (he
uses Core 2 normally, and I'm on Dapper)! Thanks a lot. However I have
two questions:

1. The Core 2 system has no "/etc/network/interfaces". Is this a file
that varies from distro to distro? Is there an equivalent on Core 2?
Because creating that file and filling in the details in the Core 2
system does not work with 'ifconfig eth1 up')

2. How can I get one notebook to route the other's traffic to and from
the LAN connected to its wired NIC?

|Notebook 0|(n0eth1)   <----->   (n1eth1)|Notebook 1|(n1eth0)-----|LAN|

I have set :
n0eth1 to; mask (wireless NIC on notebook 0)
n1eth1 to; mask (wireless NIC on notebook 1)
n1eth0  to; mask (wired NIC on notebook 1)
(this interface has gateway and the internet proxy [:)] at

The reason why I need to do this is that me and my roommate have to
share the same wired LAN node (one of the nodes in our room got

Arjun Shankar

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