Point to Point Wireless??

Arjun Shankar arjunsha at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 06:53:43 UTC 2006

Eric said:
>To get the discussion started: yes there is!!! How it's done in Linux
>I do not know since I've never had to worry about it, but, in Mac OS X
>(a UNIX... as you probably know Linux is very similar to UNIX) it's a
>breeze (all done through GUI).


Eric also said:
>Basically, you turn one of the computers into a wireless router to
>which you connect the other computers (you can share files, play games
>and share internet connectivity (provided the internet connection is
>on another port, e.g. FireWire, ethernet or a second wireless card)).
>That said, I've see inexpensive wireless routers being dumped for ~$10
>CAD (400 rupees)... but, that might be an artificially low price
>simply to "move stock". I've seen "regular" priced 802.11b routers
>being sold for $30 CAD.

Sure will check up on the cheap routers when I get home this coming
summer. (I live in a city, but study 'technology' in a village. Wierd

Arsya said:
>Yes, you can do that on ubuntu (and other linux distro).
>If you are running KDE, there is a tool for connecting wifi. It's
>It's pretty nice, which you can see the available connection and connect to
>Of course there are some other tools that you can use, or also using the
>But, I suggest you to use the kwifimanager. You can get it on the
>This type of connection is called ad-hoc. One of the notebook (or pc) should
>be the master.

I don't use KDE, but then kwifimanager will probably still work on
GNOME. Will try that.

James said:
>Google "adhoc wireless +Linux" (without the "").
>Once all the machines can set up you should be able to ping them and you're
>all set.
>A few friends of mine totally geek-out one the train (2 hour commute) and set
>up adhoc networks to play Quake, share files and such.  Works really well!
>Report back if you have problems and I'll see if I can help out :)

Thanks a lot for the info (most of which I've not quoted here ;)). I
shall try it today itself and get back.

Thanks again, all of you!

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