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Bill Marcum bmarcum at
Sun Mar 19 22:01:05 UTC 2006

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 16:32:10 +0100, Duncan Lithgow 
  <duncan at> wrote:
> I'm getting totally pissed off about all the time I'm wasting trying to
> report bugs in launchpad - I can't frikkin find where to report the damn
> things, libraw1394 says "In order to file a bug on libraw1394, please do
> so in its official bug tracker or on its package in the distribution
> you're using." - but that doesn't help because the bug I want to report
> is the way ubuntu sets permission on dev1394.
You can use dpkg -S to find the package name for a file.  Also, 
/usr/share/doc contains a subdirectory for each installed package.

$ ls -d /usr/share/doc/*print

$ ls -d /usr/share/doc/*gimp*

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