nvidia driver

Adam Conrad adconrad at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 19 09:31:00 UTC 2006

K. Mandla wrote:
> I've found that the default nvidia drivers that are installed with Ubuntu
> are a bit lacking. Even just upgrading to the 7667 or 7174 drivers are vast
> improvements.

The nvidia binary drivers in breezy *are* 7667 (for new cards) and 7174
(for legacy cards), and in dapper, 8178 (the latest upstream version)
for new cards, and again 7174 for legacy cards.

I've yet to understand why people are convinced that the packaged
drivers must clearly be evil, since they aren't installed with the
upstream installer, but I can tell you that not blindly overwriting
files (like libGL from Mesa) as the upstream installer does is sort of a
bonus of installing from the repository.

... Adam

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