kernel prbs w/ext USB equip

C Hamel yogich at
Fri Mar 17 00:32:39 UTC 2006

History:  I have a Pioneer DVR-110D drive which supports all media.  When I 
plug it in, the usb_storage module instantaneously loads and the drive is set 
to go.  The prob lies in the fact that when I am in the midst of burning a 
regular DVD-R ---and occasionally a DVD-RW--- the drive suddenly is 
disconnected [apparently] by the kernel, from what I've noted in the logs.  
No errors (w/the exception of the i/o error k3b reports), just summarily 
disconnected.  That, of course, trashes a DVD-R.  Bottom line is I have to 
revert to XP to burn all DVDs to avoid expensive coasters.  This phenomenon 
happens on both Breezy & Dapper & I am wearying of it.  The latest Breezy 
kernel is so bad as to not even let me burn at all.

Question:  If I was to roll my own kernel, what would the odds be that the 
module stays loaded & the drive does not disconnect??  The drive is connected 
via a USB --> IDE interface which seems to be solid, otherwise (i.e., HDs).

Opinions, please! :-)  (Should I file a bug on the kernel, perhaps??)

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