NTFS Samba Shares

Robert Slade ubtu at bathnetworks.com
Sun Mar 19 07:01:27 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 22:38 -0800, Michael wrote:
> My last hurdle in the effort to make a complete switch from Windows to
> Ubuntu is one that I'm finding myself unable to leap.
> I have an NTFS formatted drive I use to store media. This media was
> previously shared via Windows SMB with Xbox's modified to run Xbox
> Media Center. My previous attempts at sharing the Media drive have
> worked to some extent. I am able to mount the NTFS drive and play its
> contents in Ubuntu. I am also able to mount the drive R/W. When I
> enable Samba sharing on the drive the XMBC can see it, but only top
> level shared folders. 
> The media is nested as follows:
> Media Drive(hdd5)/Albums/Genres/Artist/Album/media.mp3
> Any folder that I mark as shared via the right-click menu is visible
> in XBMC, however its contents can not be seen and and error is
> returned (share not available). 
> I have not done any fine tuning of SMB as I'm not sure how to go about
> this without without destroying my entire install. So any help is
> appreciated.
> Here is a diagram of my current network config along with each devices
> network IP:
>                                               ------[ubuntu
>                                             /
> [internet]----[modem]----[router]-------[xbmc 1
>                                             \
>                                                ----[xbmc 2


NTFS does not sit well with Unix/linux and any mis writing of the
structure can render it unreadable. You really are better off not using
it if you can avoid it. 

That said, it is probably a permissions/ ownership issue with the NTFS
SID not being recognised by SMB so it can convert it to a linux UID/GID
and then back again for the xbox. Although Samba does have the
capability of converting UID/GIDs to SIDs, it might be worth will
looking at that.

Sorry to not be more helpful.


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