NTFS Samba Shares

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 19 11:36:51 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 March 2006 01:38, Michael wrote:
> My last hurdle in the effort to make a complete switch from Windows to
> Ubuntu is one that I'm finding myself unable to leap.
> I have an NTFS formatted drive I use to store media. This media was
> previously shared via Windows SMB with Xbox's modified to run Xbox Media
> Center. My previous attempts at sharing the Media drive have worked to some
> extent. I am able to mount the NTFS drive and play its contents in Ubuntu.
> I am also able to mount the drive R/W. When I enable Samba sharing on the
> drive the XMBC can see it, but only top level shared folders.
> The media is nested as follows:
> Media Drive(hdd5)/Albums/Genres/Artist/Album/media.mp3
> Any folder that I mark as shared via the right-click menu is visible in
> XBMC, however its contents can not be seen and and error is returned (share
> not available).
> I have not done any fine tuning of SMB as I'm not sure how to go about this
> without without destroying my entire install. So any help is appreciated.
> Here is a diagram of my current network config along with each devices
> network IP:
>                                               ------[ubuntu]
>                                             /
> [internet]----[modem]----[router]-------[xbmc 1]
>                                             \
>                                                ----[xbmc 2]
If you're accessing xbmc via smb, the fact that the box is NTFS shouldn't be 
an issue with linux the way it would be if you were trying to mount an NTFS 
drive directly using the mnt command because it is a network operation, not a 
local one.

Make sure you have the samba server installed (not just the client) and then 
edit your smb.conf file.  I like the SWAT administrative tool, but Webmin 
works well as does the one built into kde.  Both OSes need to be running.  
All boxes need to be in the same domain (in Windows this would be the 
Workgroup).  There's no reason that both your linboxes can't run samba to 
access xbmc (or each other, although linux solutions should better for that).  
Samba documentation is pretty good and the lists are very helpful.

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