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Sat Mar 18 21:32:14 UTC 2006

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On Saturday 18 March 2006 10:02, Alan McKinnon wrote:
> On Saturday 18 March 2006 17:36, C Hamel wrote:
> > RealPlayer10GOLD & the Helix player both need &
> > Google is speechless when I put that in as a search string.  Are
> > you telling me that RealPlayer really_won't_work in Flight5??  All
> > updates are applied (apt-get dist-upgrade).
> libstdc++ is installed by gcc. Did you
> apt-get install build-essentials?
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Many thanks to all who posted! :-)  I realize that the period in the filename 
must not be there.  Hm.  Wonder if I was being *too* literal w/the filename.  

Speaking of build-essentials, I am having a prob getting that done.  Apt-get 
says it 'can't find package build-essentials' and adept says it doesn't 
exist.  Thought I had all the repos in the sources.list.  Wonder if I missed 
one...?  Adept gives me a little more, so that must be it.  Pay-dirt!  I only 
wish that there was a 'selection' one could make that would get the whole 
enchilada at one whack.
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