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Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Fri Mar 17 20:56:06 UTC 2006

On Friday 17 March 2006 19:34, C Hamel wrote:
> Point(s) taken.  Poor choice of words on my part (illogical),
> perhaps. :-)   However, I still maintain that burying a global
> setting in a file mgr is not logical; it belongs somewhere in the
> system settings & one can argue where, from there. ;-)

So we are agreed then.

But, now I'm going to shoot my own argument down in flames. I just 
tried to do a very similar thing in KDE - disable those HUGE flyouts 
that appear and animate when the mouse hovers over an icon in the 
panel. I knew for certain that the selection was called "Enable icon 
mouseover effects" and I just spent three minutes trying to find it. 
I did find it of course, in Control Centre -> Desktop -> Panels -> 
Appearance Tab -> Section labeled "General"

This is not too different from Click Behaviour, it was in exactly the 
place I claimed it ought to be... and I didn't look there when I 
needed it. Notice that I wasn't analysing the best place for the 
selection or trying to be logical about design, I just needed to 
change a setting. This is as close to being a user as I'm ever going 
to get, and if I couldn't find it when it's right there in the "most 
logical" place, then what chance does the user have?

Granted, the ultra-configurability of KDE and high density of controls 
might have played a role.

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